• What Do I Need to Know?

  • What Do I Need to Have?

    Think about whether you might need the following resources to be able to work from home or collaborate with colleagues or students remotely. 

    You may not need all of these or any of these, but it is important to consider your options before you actually need them. Click on the links below to learn more.

  • What Do I Need to Do?

    Below are some general resources for conducting remote instruction and/or working remotely. Click on the links below for more information.

    These are general recommendations or options. For specific recommendations for your area of expertise, refer to the Faculty, Staff, or Student sections.

  • Faculty

  • Staff

    Instructional Continuity - Working remotely

    There are a variety of technologies that can be used to work remotely.  When considering which technologies you want to use, it's important to select technologies that you are the most comfortable with, instead of trying to learn something new.  For example. if you are familiar with adding files in OneDrive, instead of Google Drive, we recommend you using OneDrive. Similarly, if you have never used Moodle, now is not the time to learn. Stick with what you know.

    Scenario: You are isolated at home but able to work remotely

    Login to Centre's OneDrive/Office 365 - Centre's recommended platform for sharing and storing files.  You can access OneDrive/Office 365 through CentreNet or through the desktop and mobile apps.  For assistance with making sure OneDrive is set-up correctly on your office computer, please submit a helpdesk ticket via helpdesk@centre.edu.

    Sharing files/folders with OneDrive - Centre's recommended and preferred method for storing and sharing files.  If you need assistance on learning how to share files/folders, please check out the handout or contact the CTL for additional training.

    Working with Microsoft Teams support page - Needing to collaborate with your department?  Consider using Microsoft Teams which will allow you to chat, share files, and screen share with your group.  When you login to OneDrive/Office 365 through CentreNet, you can use the online version.  There is also a desktop and mobile version.  

    Creating an Online Platform for Collaboration in Moodle

    Login to Centre's Google Apps - While we have Centre Google Apps for Education, the ITS helpdesk will not be able to provide support for issues with Google Apps.  

    Accessing files located on your U drive - using File Centre through CentreNet will allow you to access files located on your U drive. You would have to download and re-upload the files you are working on, so consider copying files into OneDrive, which will allow you to work directly with your files.  If you need assistance with copying your files, please contact ITS or CTL for assistance.

    Using Zoom to connect with your colleagues

    • Students